Panduan Diabetes

The New Diabetes Prescription

The New Diabetes Prescription

Combining medical, self-help, diet, fitness advice, The New Diabetes Prescription will help you understand why you want to change and how you can accomplish it. You’ll conquer emotional eating, control stress, find alternatives to weight-gain inducing prescriptions, put together an exercise program, learn to eat right, and do it again the next day. As a […]

Jenis Anda 2 Rencana Aksi Diabetes

Your Type 2 Diabetes Action Plan

Designed specifically for those are ready to take action, Jenis Anda 2 Diabetes Action Plan is a concise, step-based approach to quickly improving blood glucose management and quality of life. Diabetes self-care advice can often be overwhelming and, coupled with the shock of diagnosis, it’s easy to be paralyzed by the enormity of new information. […] © 2014 Frontier Tema