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A pre-diabetes diagnosis is a wake-up call and a call to action! The news that you have pre-diabetes should be taken seriously, yet many people who learn they have pre-diabetes take no action, and realize the negative consequences later. Even though pre-diabetes may have no apparent symptoms, anyone with this diagnosis should understand what this […]

Pratique glucides

Practical Carbohydrate Counting

The essentials of teaching carbohydrate counting are presented in this revised and much expanded edition. This resource provides clear and practical approaches that will allow you to help your patients achieve glycemic control with Basic or Advanced Carbohydrate Counting. Includes: reasons for teaching carbohydrate counting, which type, and to whom; complete information on both Basic […]

Diabète BUNDLE

Diabetes BUNDLE

For many people, being diagnosed with diabetes is like a death sentence. The simple fact that you know that the condition can kill you, if you don’t take caution, is enough to give you sleepless nights. However, this does not need to be so. Just because you are diabetic does not mean that you cannot […]

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