30 Diabetic and Heart Healthy Indian Food Recipes with Nutritional Details

3-17-2015Every person with the diabetic condition and heart related issue is concerned about the intake of calorie, nutrition and other food contents. Keeping this in view, this e-book has chosen 30 food recipes, analysing all related contents, particularly calorie, cholesterol, trans and saturated fat, protein, sodium, fiber and sugar. The recipes are selected with the highest priority to the carbohydrate, sugar and saturated fat level as low as possible. Particularly, the overall level of cholesterol and saturated fat has been kept minimal with the aim of making the recipes healthy even for any one conscious about the heart health.

Most of these diabetic recipes can easily be prepared from commonly available food ingredients in the grocery shops and markets of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Some of the spices/ingredients, if not available in the US common grocery shops, could be found in Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani stores. Cooking process of the recipes is kept as simple as possible. Directions are also written in an easy way that any one cooks for the first time, would be able to try the recipes.

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