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Life with Diabetes

5-22-2015Life With Diabetes is a series of teaching outlines developed and tested by the Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center, affiliated with the Department of Medical Education of the University of Michigan Medical School. Previous editions of this teaching curriculum have been used by thousands of educators in diabetes clinics throughout North America to help their patients understand and live with the many challenges of diabetes. Each of the 22 topical chapters are detailed guides that give all the information an educator needs to cover a topic completely, yet allows each educator to speak to their patients in his or her own voice at a pace that is appropriate for each individual and class. Each topical chapter includes illustrations that can be used to show and teach important concepts, e.g., carbohydrate counting and how to manage stress, and necessary daily tasks, e.g., monitoring blood glucose and meal planning. There is also an extensive support material section that helps educators manage their educational programs.


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