25 Myths About Diabetes Busted

25 Myths About Diabetes Busted25 MYTHS ABOUT DIABETES BUSTED Language – English. Run time 90 minutes. FOR Resident Doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistants, medical, nursing and PA students. MYTHS about various issues in diabetes are EXTREMELY common in patients. Some believe that diabetes is curable – for ever. Others think that most diabetics die from diabetes itself. Gestational (pregnancy) diabetics believe that once the diabetes is gone it will not come back. All that is not true. So also many other myths discussed in this 90 minute DVD. Once you understand WHY those myths are wrong you will be in a much better position to help your patients and will be comfortable answering thier questions. Myths about diabetes interfere with a patient s ability to achieve good diabetic control. Not understanding these myths leads to the patient becoming sick, being hospitalized as an emrgency, becoming disabled permanantly and even dying.


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