The Diabetes Guide

1-8-2015Diabetes affects over 2 million people in the UK, but this number is set to explode. Experts predict the number of sufferers will almost double to 4 million in less than twenty years. In addition to this, there are currently a further million undiagnosed sufferers, and Type 2 diabetes, once considered a disease of middle age, is now being increasingly seen in children.

Yet this condition is manageable and can be easily controlled through diet, exercise and lifestyle. The Diabetes Guide, written by NHS professionals and endorsed by Diabetes UK, provides all the information necessary to manage diabetes, including:

The facts about diabetes clearly explained
Diabetes myths exposed
How to delay and prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes
Complete diet, exercise and lifestyle plan
Straightforward advice from NHS professionals

By eating the right foods, exercising and making positive lifestyle changes, those suffering with diabetes can successfully manage their health and prevent diabetes controlling their lives. © 2014 Frontier Theme