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Diabetes Diet: Eating Guide For Diabetics

1-18-2015Diabetes is an ailment which results from a high blood sugar level due to the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin or when the body is not able to efficiently use the insulin it produces.

Diabetes is one of the top ten causes of death. The World Health Organization even projected that in the year 2030, diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death.

Diabetes may be a serious health risk and should be handled well but don’t despair. With the right amount of discipline and determination, you can still live a normal life while still trying to battle this ailment. You just have to do some healthy changes in your lifestyle.

Losing weight is one of the best ways to lower your blood sugar. It will also lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The type of body fat you have matters in affecting the risk of diabetes.

If you carry too much weight on your abdomen, you are more likely to have diabetes than people who carry much weight in their thighs. This is because it surrounds the liver and abdominal organs and the deep fat in this body area is closely linked to diabetes and resistance to insulin.

The calories you obtain from fructose which are found in sports and energy drinks, soda, coffee and processed foods like muffins, candy bars, doughnuts and cereals will most likely add weight around the abdomen. Cutting or minimizing the intake of sweet foods will give you not only a slim waist, but a lower diabetes risk as well.
Proper eating is very important in trying to control or prevent diabetes.
When you go on a diabetes diet, it would mean eating foods that have moderate calories, high in nutrients and low in fat.

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