Licking Sweet Death

3-8-2015There is an epidemic sweeping the country. It kills more people than any other disease or any war. Obesity and diabetes are changing the way we look and how our bodies function. We are poisoning our cells so that they cannot communicate with each other effectively. The statistics are well known, and they are only getting worse. So what is really going on? It boils down to something called “insulin resistance.” Your body has between 50-100 trillion cells in it. These cells respond to insulin in a variety of ways that are necessary for a healthy, functioning body. When insulin resistance develops, the normal amounts of insulin are not enough. Why does this happen? The membrane, or outer skin, of each cell in our body-no matter what type of cell-are TOILing, that is, the cell membranes are: T-toxic, O-oxidized, I-inflamed, and L-less optimal mitochondrial function The cause of this is an addiction to sugar and processed food. Licking Sweet Death is an indispensible guide to regaining your health and licking your addiction to foods that are poisoning your body for good. © 2014 Frontier Theme