A Guide for Understanding, Coping With, and Treating Diabetes in Pregnancy

1-13-2015Diabetes is a disease that most people have heard of, mostly type I diabetes, which is genetic, and type II, which can be caused by, amongst other things, a poor diet. However, a third type of diabetes that affects expectant mothers, called “gestational diabetes” causes the same symptoms as the two primary types, suddenly and with little warning. Gestational diabetes can be devastating to pregnant women, tempering the joy that they might otherwise feel. However there is no need to worry or to panic if you are suffering from this condition. Modern medicine has offered many ways around the symptoms and, so long as you keep in close touch with your doctor, this is a condition that both you and your baby will come through without complications. This book will first briefly explain what gestational diabetes is, before moving on to the likely effects this will have on you and your baby, how you can deal with it, and what your health care professional may ask you to do. By the end you should have a deeper understanding and, hopefully, peace of mind for the future. If you have questions or concerns about gestational diabetes, this is the book for you.


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