Preventing & Reversing Diabetes Naturally

6-20-2015Anything, anyone has to say about your diabetes has to pass the clinical measurement test. If you make a change in lifestyle that improves these numbers, it is correct. If it does not, it is simply wrong….and no….there are no excuses. Killing diabetics with lies seems to be the favorite sport among many authors, it seems, who will give every excuse there is to deny the simple fact that was is right, improves your numbers and what is wrong, makes them worse. There is no cure for diabetes. That is probably the most outrageous of the lies told. If only you did this (usually lose weight) your diabetes would disappear. The overwhelmingly consensus among the community of diabetics (which, btw, share information online in various forums) is that this does not happen. It doesn’t happen if you lose ten pounds. © 2014 Frontier Theme