What Is Diabetes Ketoacidosis?

Diabetes has turned into a common disease amongst people worldwide these days. To fight the endemic wings of diabetes, numerous ways of remedies came up. But diabetes isn’t just a disease. It comes in a package of its various forms. Of them the most fatal one is Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Diabetic ketoacidosis is also called DKA. Diabetic Ketoacidosis isn’t brought on alone. It’s a result for another diabetes. When diabetes mellitus goes neglected, it takes the form of Diabetic ketoacidosis. If not handled properly, DKA can be fatal to your life.

As a brief explanation, Diabetes Ketoacidosis could be associated with an affected glucose cycle that starts with the lack of the insulin molecule in the body. If the diabetes goes undiscovered it’s possible to experience this problem. And even if you’re aware about your diabetic situation but still not implementing any appropriate medication, then no one can stop you to fall in the lure of diabetic ketoacidosis. This type of diabetes is so considerably dangerous when kept undetected the values rate can be higher as 100%.

It’s been discovered that Diabetic Ketoacidosis primarily happens along with type 1 diabetes. It is because the fact that it’s related to the circulating insulin condition. However, it’s less common in type 2 diabetes patients because type 2 diabetes relates to the cells insensitivity to insulin and not to the shortage of it.

In spite of large quantities of glucose in the blood, the liver in the body will act somehow as if the body is hungry of sugar. In cases like this the liver will be required to produce another kind of fuel to satisfy the metabolic functions of the body. Therefore the liver will likely be compelled to use the body’s triglycerides to produce sugar. This sugar that’ll be produced will be utilized by the brain to keep the functions. In this entire process, ketone bodies are developed as a by-product that help process the fats.

But like every disease, diabetic Ketoacidosis has a treatment to it. The treatment mostly includes the hydration process. Hydration decreases the osmosis property of the blood while substituting the lost electrolytes in it. Along the way, insulin can also be replaced which leads to producing sugar and potassium in the cells.

Nevertheless, prevention is much better than cure. If you keep a correct record of your sugar levels in the blood, the probability of you affected by stays bleak.

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Updated: April 17, 2012 — 3:30 am
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