The Symptoms of Diabetes in Women

diabetes in women


Although symptoms of diabetes in women and men are pretty much the same, there are some which take place only in women. As diabetes has turned into a prevalent health condition among women around the world, learning about diabetes symptoms in women has been very important.
Let us check out some signs or symptoms of diabetes in females.

  • Unexplained weight reduction is among the common type 1 diabetes symptoms in women. With this kind of diabetes, our body struggles to use all the calories that the food provides, despite the fact that the person uses a healthy diet plan. For this reason, anybody loses weight, even without trying to do so. Read more about early indications of diabetes.
  • Another symptom that’s noticed in both kinds of diabetes is the feeling the necessity to visit the restroom often. The body tries to eliminate the extra sugar by the urine and therefore, one feels the necessity to urinate within very short amounts of time. • As too much urination not just eradicates the extra sugar within the body, but also a lot of water, the person is affected from the problem of lack of fluids. For this reason, she may go through extreme thirst and urination during the day which is another sign of diabetes in women.
  • One of a typical type 2 diabetes symptoms in females is too much eating i.e. polyphagia. If a person has this kind of diabetes, the amount of insulin is very rich in the body. As insulin helps with stimulating hunger, an excessive amount of insulin in the body could make the person experience hunger as well as make her eat more.
  • Symptoms of diabetes in women also include the existence of skin disease and also yeast infection. Diabetic women could also experience urinary system infections very often.
  • Sexual disorder can also be observed as a typical sign of diabetes in women. It is stated that diabetic women may feel discomfort or pain while involving in sexual activity, decreased vaginal sensitivity and vaginal lubrication, and also a wherewithal to attain orgasm.
  • In the event of gestational diabetes, no obvious sign may happen. Nevertheless, if a pregnant woman has hypertension, there are probabilities that she’s experiencing gestational diabetes.
  • Apart from all of these bodily symptoms, some emotional indications occurred too. They might experience severe lethargy, agitation and occasionally could also feel moody with no reason.

There are many symptoms of diabetes in women and we must be aware of them. Diabetes is not exclusive in female population so even men and children must have knowledge about diabetes too. Remember that maintenance is necessary if you are suffering from diabetes and you can only do it if you are well-informed.

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