The Diabetes Miracle

1-28-2015“The Diabetes Miracle” recommends a limitation of carbs in any 5 hour period-allowing the pancreas to “rest, reset and retrain” itself to react normally to blood glucose changes and decrease insulin resistance. The book provides clear and understandable details about the disease itself, the newest parameters for diagnosis, the latest medications, blood glucose testing, preventing complications, the use of insulin, diet and exercise, tricks of the trade for blood sugar control, and many real life case studies, along with pages of helpful Q & A. The author is herself a type 2 diabetic who devised a program to control her disease without medication, and her clear and compassionate approach coupled with her expertise on the subject will change the way readers perceive, prevent, and treat this condition. There is no other book that takes a complicated, frustrating, and potentially fatal disease like type 2 diabetes, discusses it in terms everyone can understand, and shows the way to control it permanently. © 2014 Frontier Theme