Sağlık Doğru hareket

Moving Toward Health

Are you looking for some sort of motivation to help you make a move towards health? Do you have the motivation, but would just like a simple nudge in the right direction? Moving Toward Health is just that. A simple and motivational guide to starting your very own exercise led move toward health! In his […]

Practical Carbohydrate Counting

Practical Carbohydrate Counting

The essentials of teaching carbohydrate counting are presented in this revised and much expanded edition. This resource provides clear and practical approaches that will allow you to help your patients achieve glycemic control with Basic or Advanced Carbohydrate Counting. Includes: reasons for teaching carbohydrate counting, which type, and to whom; complete information on both Basic […]

Diabetes Çare

Diabetes Care

A diabetes care guide can be a tremendous help for diabetes sufferers because the most important information regarding this disease and its maintenance is found all in one place. All of this information being so easily accessible and organized can be a great relief for those who are already overwhelmed with the responsibility of living […] © 2014 Frontier Tema